Chased on the field and in the courtroom . . .

The perpetrator has been arrested and charged with Trespass and Resisting Arrest. After Steven Moore tackled the streaker on the field, he contacted CSU legal counsel to file an impact statement and monitor the legal proceedings.

To hear an interview with Steven about the incident, visit Dr. Chad Nicholson’s band blog and download the podcast.

Steven strongly believes that band directors must stand up for the value and importance of our beloved bands. Objective data helps. The show that was interrupted had 25,000 man hours in preparation and an estimated value in the tens of thousands of dollars. The CSU Band program will appear at over 70 events and perform for approximately 750,000 people this year. Clearly, this is a valuable asset to the university and community.

ALL students deserve a great music program and ALL bands perform a valuable service to our students and communities. Don’t be afraid to TACKLE this issue in your community.

With all best wishes for a successful season!