The Band Director versus Streaker saga is finally over. If you remember, last fall a University of Colorado student (streaked through the Colorado State University marching band) during their halftime show at the biggest game of the year: the CU/CSU game.

Based in part on a impact statement prepared by Steven Moore, the Boulder County DA (decided to prosecute.)

The student entered guilty pleas to trespassing and obstructing police. The CU Dean of Students, CU Athletic Department Facilities Director, CSU Drum Major Shawna Thompson, and CSU Director of Bands testified for the prosecution.

Here’s the final verdict, the sentence imposed by the judge:

  • 2 years probation
  • 14 days jail, all suspended for 1 year conditioned on compliance the remaining terms of the sentence.
  • Fine of $500 for each count ($1,000 total).
  • 110 hours community service for each count (220 total). The University will try to arrange some of this community service to be performed for the CU bands, theater, or other performing arts programs. The objective of this community service is for Mr. Lacy to gain an understanding of the tremendous amount of work and dedication students and staff bring to those programs, to make even more meaningful the extent of the impact resulting from his violations.
  • Completion of the STARS alcohol education program at Wardenburg Student Health Center.
  • Attendance at Alcoholics Anonymous at CU or another location where the participants include people from his peer group.
  • Ongoing psychological counseling, to deal with the impulse control, attention-seeking and peer pressure issues he is apparently struggling with.
  • $105 in fees and court costs.

Best wishes for a courtroom-free end of the school year for you!