This online music learning service is our new, web-based version of the popular Rhythm Rulz training program previously available only on DVD and CD-ROM.

Rhythm Rulz uses tried-and-true rhythm flashcard concepts, but updates them with 21st century technology. 230 rhythm slides allow music educators and private instructors to teach and practice rhythm counting with their students.

The online training takes it to a new level and includes the following features:

  • One year-long subscription allows you to sign up all your students. Each student will have online access to the training at home or at school.
  • NEW! A random slide generator that presents the rhythms in a random order
  • Highly flexible and adaptable, it’s suitable for individual practice or classroom learning, with any instrument and in any ensemble
  • Future programs in development for note-recognition and note-grouping (phrasing) training

It’s like buying a complete set of flashcards for every kids in your school or studio!

You can check out a free demo of the program, no sign-up required. Click here and check it out.

We are also offering you a free one-week trial period for the entire Rhythm Rulz training program. Register for your free trial here.

See for yourself how this online training can re-invigorate your rhythm training program.

DON’T FORGET! To purchase online music learning, you will need to visit the website Click here for more information.