Express Yourself: Marching Band Warm-Ups (ebook and video)

These marching band warm-ups are designed for your woodwind and brass sections (no percussion). They are easy-to-memorize and are the perfect musical accompaniment to the “How to Practice Marching in a Sequence” marching and visual warm-up routine (available from Beyond the Notes, Inc. for only $29.99).

These tried and true warm-ups were developed and used by Dr. J. Steven Moore with his award-winning Lafayette High School marching band (Lexington, KY) and CBDNA-recognized college marching band from Colorado State University (Fort Collins, CO).

Warm-ups include:
*Long Tones
*Lip Slurs
*Flexibility Exercises
*Range Extension

Additionally, these warm-ups come with an optional horn part the allows mellophones to do real lip slurs.

An instructional video showing you how to best use these warm-ups with your band is available for immediate download following your purchase.

(You can purchase a hard-copy DVD version of “Express Yourself” right on this website. The hard copy version includes BOTH the Concert Band and Marching Band warm-ups for only $34.99, plus shipping)