How to Practice Marching in a Sequence: A Stretching and Marching Fundamentals Sequence You Can Perform to Music in Under 10 Minutes

This innovative marching band warm-up routine has everything you need to stretch and practice your marching fundamentals…in under 10 minutes!

You will have access to the essential stretches and marching fundamentals movement basics your band needs in an easy-to-learn sequence set to original pop music.

When you purchase “How to Practice Marching in a Sequence,” you will have at your disposal:

  1. A full set of mp3 music tracks designed to facilitate your band’s stretching or marching fundamentals sequence. This makes your daily warm-up routine effortless for you and fun for your students. Plus, music tracks are available at different tempos.
  2. “How to Practice Marching in a Sequence.” This e-book includes descriptions and pictures outlining the stretching and marching sequence.
  3. “The Stretching Sequence” video, which demonstrates in detail how to most effectively do the stretches. Use it for your own learning, or to help your students see what you are asking them to do.
  4. “The Marching Fundamentals Sequence” video. Similar to the “Stretching Sequence” video, but this time a how-to demonstration of marching basics and the marching fundamentals sequence.
  5. “Alternative Moves to the Marching Fundamentals Sequence” video. This videos shows you alternatives you can add and use as part of your daily marching sequence.

The MP3s come with vocal commands and without vocal commands. The stretches and marching basics sequences are on separate tracks so that you may use them separately or together.

This innovative system allows for a quick review of ALL the important marching basics in under 10 minutes.